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Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Alternatives To Bankruptcy

Avoid Bankruptcy

When you’re in a financial bind, bankruptcy is not the only
way out. There are many alternatives to bankruptcy if you
are willing to put out the time and energy. It could save
you much unnecessary hassle.

Bankruptcy is a difficult decision to make so it is best if
there is another solution out there for you.

Begin by calling your creditors. Most are willing to work
with you if you explain to them your situation. Tell them
you are considering bankruptcy.

In many cases, creditors are willing to work out a
different payment plan with you. Don’t hide from them
either. Be straightforward and open about your financial

Before filing bankruptcy, take a good long hard look at
your finances. Get organized and begin writing out a
budget. Start with your monthly income and deduct your
monthly household expenses.

Understand how you are spending your money and seek out
where you can make cutbacks. Perhaps buying groceries in
bulk, or cutting back on phone services or cable services.
Every little thing helps.

Next, you will want to take a look at your credit cards. You
may be able to take the balance from one with a higher
interest to a lower interest one. Then get rid of those
high-interest credit cards altogether.

Stay away from paying off credit cards with credit cards.
Other things you can try are refinancing a car loan or a
mortgage. Or perhaps you have some family members or
friends who are willing to pitch in to help pay off high
rate debts and avoid bankruptcy.

But remember, this is a loan so when you are in a better
the situation, do make sure to pay back those who were kind
enough to help you out.

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